Twin Telemetry

EM Transmitter for Tensor based MWD systems


EM Twin Telemetry offers:

  • True Twin™ operation, mud pulse and EM to send information simultaneously
  • Software runs on existing computers and rig floor displays
  • Unmatched Battery conservation
  • No modifications required to existing MWD
  • Fluid independent, LCM tolerant
  • Operator select-able frequency
  • Two power modes
  • Pumps down survey
  • Constant lithology compensation allows for extended battery life
  • Low signal to noise requirement
  • Wireless design eliminates rig noise
  • Many options to connect to rig system

Technologically advanced

  • Low noise electronics
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Most data throughput and energy efficient tool on the market


  • Designed and tested to be Qbus and XXbus compatible
  • No modifications required to connect to industry standard equipment
  • Uses common MWD spares for repair and maintenance





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