ArrowTip 175c Mud Pulser / Driver

Positive mud pulser for Tensor based MWD  

ArrowTip 175c pulser offers:

  • Direct attachment to legacy Tensor mwd systems for increased performance
  • 175c rating for all hot hole operations
  • Unmatched Battery conservation
  • High LCM tolerance
  • 400 hours between servicing
  • Simple design, no sensors to fail
  • Pressure compensated, no pilot valve failures
  • Easy to service design
  • High MTBF
  • Digital flow switch onboard reduces false triggers
  • Single board design
  • Supports many pulse widths
Technologically advanced
  • Low noise electronics
  • Energy efficient circuitry
  • Hi power output
  • Designed and tested to be Qbus and XXbus compatible
  • No modifications required to connect to industry standard Tensor equipment
  • Uses common MWD spares for repair and maintenance

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