Drill-Tek Advanced Centralizer Fin

Drill-Tek advanced centralizer fin

Advanced Centralizer fin offers:

  • Direct replacement of bow spring centralizers
  • 105c and 160c options available
  • Retrievable and re-settable
  • High abrasion resistance material
  • Fits multiple sizes without trimming
  • Long life, have spanned up to a year
  • No fin cutter required
  • Easy to service design, slide off slide on
  • High MTBF
  • Collapsible style, adapts to fit inside collar securely
  • Reduction in damage caused by shock and vibration transmitted directly to the electronic probe by 4 times.
Engineered for use
  • Simple design
  • Reduce vibration and shock transmission by 4 times
  • Field and laboratory tested
  • Designed and tested to be simple and effective
  • No modifications required to connect to industry standard Tensor equipment
  • Available for Tolteq, APS

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